Chicago, Illinois

FKA “The Howl”

Their debut EP “900 Feet Beneath” (September 2012) has attracted an unwavering, dedicated base of fans nationwide. The addition of a recent 7-Inch entitled “Things I’ve Learned While Swallowing S Words” (June 2013) displays the bands diverse musical nature. Side A- the much celebrated anthem “Cast Aways” and the B-side “Little Killer” bringing a previously unseen softer side of the band, both extended and solidified The Howl’s already steadily growing fan base.

The Howl have been debuting new material in recent tours that they intend to record soon. Until then, don’t miss them when they come through cities near you!

“Dinner With Bentham”, in my opinion, is the crowning achievement on their unveiling EP. Submerged in a pool of rolling guitars and bleeding heart poetics, The Howl manage to tread and keep afloat in choppy math rock waters, while executing a layered yet catchy tune that keeps on giving. What I love about this track is how The Howl show control and refinement in the parts where most emerging bands allow themselves to drown. They never once let the instrumentation or the heavy lyrics chasten the chemistry or natural flow of the song, which allows it to sail smoothly through your cortex and drive the dopamine home.” – UndergroundMusic.fm Blog